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Apply for BFD Retro Loan


Q.  What do I need in order to be eligible for the BFD Retro Loan?

You must be active duty and eligible for the retroactive pay raise and you must have a checking account at BFCU with direct deposit of net pay.

Q. What amount can I borrow?

The amount you are eligible to borrow is determined by your rank within the Fire Department.

For example:

  • Firefighter on the job for less than 5 years of service can borrow $4,000
  • Firefighter on the job for more than 5 years of service can borrow $5,000
  • Lieutenant can borrow $6,000
  • Captain and above can borrow $7,500

Q. How do I pay the loan back?

For your convenience, BFCU will automatically make a one-time, full payment for you when the funds are deposited into your account on or before March 31, 2019.

Q. What will this loan cost?

5.00% APR is an annual percentage rate. 

Here is an example of what the repayment for a firefighter with less than 5 years on the job would be:

  • Firefighter on the job for less than 5 years, loan amount of $4,000 at 5.00% APR
  • Assuming the one-time, full payment is made on the 120th day*
  • The one-time payment will be approximately $4,066.85
  • Therefore, the cost to borrow will be approximately $67

*This repayment time frame is an estimation of when you will receive your retroactive raise funds from the City, therefore, it may change.  If the actual time is less than 120 days the interest amount will be less than $67.  If the actual time exceeds 120 days the interest amount will be greater than $67.  The actual cost is approximately $0.55 per day.

Q. How quickly can I receive the loan funds?

Loan funds are usually deposited into your account within 24 hours of the request.  Due to the large volume of loan requests, our loan department is working very hard to deposit your requested loan amount into your account as soon as possible.  We thank you for your patience during the process.