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Internet Security

Protect your Identity with these Account Safety Tips!

Unfortunately, today more than ever, there are scammers in the world that are trying everything and anything to retrieve vital personal information from you.

How do you protect yourself?

1. Always remember that BFCU and any other legitimate financial institution, will NEVER ask you to provide personal information through an email solicitation.

2. Say NO to Gimmicks!  Never respond to requests and/or offers online or over the phone, especially those that appear to be too good to be true.

3. When in doubt always contact your financial institution to determine the validity of a request and/or offer.


Phishing is the practice of sending an email that appears to be from a financial institution with the goal of persuading online banking users to share sensitive information that can be used to commit fraud or identity theft. Criminals that send out this type of email can copy our logo and imitate the "look and feel" of our messages.

Always remember that we will NEVER ask you to click on an email link to share sensitive financial information. Please notify us whenever you receive a suspicious email or have any other form of unsolicited contact from individuals seeking personal information about your accounts.