Mobile and Text Banking

BFCU is now on your mobile devices!

Away from your computer? You can use all of the features of Online Banking on your cell phone*, including bill pay! 

If you are on vacation, at work or on the go you can access your BFCU accounts from your cell phone the same way you do at home.  You can check balances, view account history, transfer money and even pay your bills with the same security and ease as when you are on your home computer!

*Carrier fees may apply

If you don't want to log in to Online Banking from your phone, you can access your account information via text messaging*.  You can receive a scheduled text message with your balance or you can text us when you want to know your balance or account history. 

For Example:
If you are standing in line at a store and need a quick balance to make sure your purchase is approved you can Text BAL and receive your balance in just a few seconds!  If you want to see your last five transactions because you are looking to see if a check cleared or a paycheck was deposited, you can Text LAST and receive your last five transactions just as quickly!

It really is that easy.....and convenient!

*Carrier fees may apply

Iphone or Android Mobile Deposit*

Log into your BFCU account by using the BFCU App on your Iphone or Android.

Once you are in your account, follow these steps to deposit your check:

  • Deposit Checks
  • Get Started
  • Select Account
  • Enter Amount
  • Front of Check (you will see tips for taking the best picture.  A dark background is recommended for the best clarity)
  • Take the Picture
  • Continue
  • Use Picture (if you are satisfied with the appearance)
  • Back of Check (same process as the front of check)
  • Take the Picture
  • Continue
  • Use Picture (if you are satisfied with the appearance)
  • Deposit Check
  • You are Done!

Limit per deposit is $2,500.00
Limit per day is $5,000.00
Limit per rolling 30-day period is $50,000.00

(Limits noted are maximums. Individual limits may vary and will be disclosed in the deposit acceptance email you will receive upon acceptance into the program).

Deposits received before 3:30pm on a business day will be credited the same day, deposits after 3:30pm will be credited the next business day. Please refer to the funds availability disclosure available from any Member Service Representative at Boston Firefighters Credit Union.

*Carrier fees may apply